Apply for ISIN

Apply for  ISIN

Business Plan Advisors assists companies worldwide apply for their ISIN numbers and ISIN codes. An International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) uniquely identifies a security. Its structure is defined in ISO 6166

Companies of all types apply ISIN codes and numbers. To apply for an ISIN number a company, fund, trust or other entity, usually needs an offering memorandum or prospectus. A business plan is also good to have as the business plan is the primary backbone of any company. While term sheets and notes sometimes may suffice, in most cases the full company’s documentation is required.

Who Applies for an International Securities Identification Number

International Securities Identification Numbers are given to stocks and bonds, notes, (for stocks both common and preferred), futures, warrant, rights, trusts, commercial paper, options, multiple classes of securities and more. Both public and private companies apply ISIN numbers. Additionally, funds of all types, such as hedge funds, mutual funds, feeder funds, segregated portfolios, unit trusts and much more seek ISIN numbers for their securities.

Why Get an ISIN number with Business Plan Advisors

International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) numbers are used worldwide and is the most recognized and universally accepted securities identification number globally. An ISIN is the primary securities identifier used by brokers, brokerage houses, stock exchanges and others. Ticker symbols, for example, are not universally the same on various stock exchanges, but ISIN numbers are, making ISINs a popular choice.

If your company or fund needs to apply for an ISIN number Business Plan Advisors’s consultants can help. We are ISIN code specialists.

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